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About us

The seed of Acting for Climate was planted in Norway in 2014, with a dream of using our profession as artists to inspire action for a sustainable future. Now, we are a company creating and touring our own performances, and a growing network of people, artists and activists that nurture collaboration for sustainability.

We are inspired by Piet Hein's definition of art as "the solution to the problems that cannot be formulated clearly before being resolved". As artists we have the opportunity and responsibility to inspire action, joy and change. 


The Acting for Climate tree is growing, both as a professional contemporary circus and performing arts company, with our branches in Europe and Montréal, and as a community platform for arts and sustainability.

We intend to strengthen and expand global networks of action through interaction with local artists and activists. Acting for Climate is not just a group of performers, it is a mindset and a movement.

Acting for Climate will always strive towards developing the art field, through cross-disciplinary work, and challenging the methods and expressions of contemporary performing arts.

Who we are

Who we are


Who we are

The Core Crew

Abigael R. Winsvold (NO/DK)

Board member - (+47) 92296862

Abigael is one of the co-founders of Acting for Climate, and has her whole artistic life had an urge in finding ways to express issues related to climate change and sustainability through arts.

Abigael is specialised in the circus disciplines partner acrobatics and rope from AMoC (Academy for Modern Circus) in Copenhagen and CODARTS Circus department in Rotterdam. In her artistic work she focuses on interdisciplinary work by combining dance, theatre and circus, with focus on combining scientific research in the art-processes.

Abigael Winsvold David Ullrich Acting for climate pair acrobatics hand to hand h2h "into the water"
Emma Langmoen trapeze circusacting for climate performing "into the water" oslo nysirkus
Emma S. Langmoen (NO/FI)

Board member - (+47) 92811085

A circus artist with a background in environmental politics and activism; Emma immediately found her artistic home in Acting for Climate. She has been part of running the company since 2018. 

When she is not wearing the hats of artist/creator/board member/multitasker in A4C, she is the Artistic Director for Oslo Nysirkus and a freelance performer. 

Emma is interested in physical and verbal poetry, the emotional perception of climate change on the individual and collective, and how sensory experiences can create closeness to

nature. And she deeply believes that everything is political. 

Amund Lindvang Bentsen (DK)

Board member

Amund is a dancer, choreographer, and interpreter who's main focus is bringing together the often considered opposites of nature and culture. His foundation is in the hiphop dance community, and from there he grows his artistic expression together with existential and environmental questions. From the creation of his first dance theatre piece “Verden er vores krop”(2015) at the National museum in Denmark, to the video art exhibition “when the world becomes our body”(2020) . When he is not doing artistic projects, he is doing activism or in school. He has his own company called Stretching Roots.

Heidi  Miikki (FI)

Heidi is a Helsinki-based dancer and circus artist who has a dancer’s education from Outokumpu, Finland and studied circus both at AFUK in Copenhagen and BA degree at Turku Arts Academy. She dances and jumps on the tightwire, on the ground, in a harness, and climbs the pole and trees. Heidi is fascinated by movement, improvisation, playfulness and nature (among many other things!) She is an environmentalist to whom empathy, caring and meeting are the core of being. Heidi has been working with several companies and made her own multidisciplinary work combining circus, dance, music and film.


 Federica Parise (IT)

Federica Parise is a cultural manager who works as a freelance producer and communications executive all over Europe. She crossed paths with Acting for Climate in 2021 and she is currently managing all the companies' projects. She graduated in Theatre and Audiovisual Studies from Sorbonne University (Paris) and quickly started working as a communications manager and performing arts organizer. From Stockholm - working on an eco-documentary - to New York - working in the advertising field, Federica enriched her wanderlust and love for multidisciplinarity in the performing arts. She firmly believes in the power of creativity as a didactic and inspirational tool for specially young generations.


Main Contributors


Bergsmyrene Biodynamic Farm & Severin Romer Iversen

Since 2018 we have collaborated with this wonderful farm south of Oslo. Severin is a dancer/circus artist turned farmer, and there is no better place to take to the soil than here!


Karen O'Brien

Is a Professor in Sociology and humangeography, she has been heavyly involved in the IPCC work on Climate mitigation. Her work and guidance has informed our work since 2020.


Frøydis Dahlø

Frøydis Dahlø work in A4C as a performer, composer and producer. They focus on building narratives for our future worlds, towards a post-anthropocentric time. Using posthumanism, feminism and ecological knowledge. Frøydis is educated in contemporary composition and - improvisation and Human Geographies (University of Gothenburg and Oslo).



Acting for Climate collaborates with Hawila Project, a non-profit organisation, that is restoring repurposing and sailing an old ice-freighter from 1935. Now the crew is working towards honoring its legacy by developing a network of trade, education and cultural exchange.

Circus Syd.png

Circus Syd

We are artist in recidency with Cirkus Syd, that will house Acting for Climate in 2022-24. Cirkus Syd is a networking platform for international research, development and innovation based in Lund, Sweden.

DSC00686 (1).jpg

Acting for Climate Montréal
The Acting For Climate tree is growing, both as a professional stage-performance company, with a European branch, and a Montréal branch, and as a community platform for arts and sustainability.

Other important people are: Victoria Sophie Gulliksen - co-founder (NO), Zelda Lyseng-Storvik (NO), Franciska Seifert Eliassen (NO), Sunniva Sætereng (NO), Durita Sumberg Poulsen (FOE)

Acting for Climate - The artists in our projects 

BARK 2023:

Heidi Miikki (FI), Emma Langmoen (NO), Abigael Winsvold (NO), David Eisele (DE), Frøydis Dahlø (NO), Michele De Riu (IT)

Redoubt Skalka Slovakia 2022-23:

Amund Bentsen (DK), Frøydis Dahlø (NO)

Circus for Climate - Latvia 2022-2023:

Amund Bentsen (DK), Emma Langmoen (NO), Abigael Winsvold (NO), Aleksey Smolov (LV), Maija Sukute (LV), Alise Bokaldere (LV), Kaspars Kurdeko (LV), MicheleDe Riu (IT)

Ripples 2022:

Emma Langmoen (NO), Abigael Winsvold (NO), Ole Skovgård Dampe (DK), Marie Binda (FR), Heidi Miikki (FI), Lucie Piot (FR), Max Behrendt (SE)
Director: Hanne Trap Friis (DK); composer: Annelie Nederberg (SE); costume designer: Michiel Tange van Leeuwen (NL/DK); rigging design: Matt Horton (UK/SE); sound technician: Elia Hüsler (CH)

BARK 2021-22:

Heidi Miikki (FI), Emma Langmoen (NO), Abigael Winsvold (NO), David Eisele (DE), Frøydis Dahlø (NO)

Substitutes: Stina Kopra (FI), William Yazaki Schou (DK), Fabian Hansen (DK)

Greenhouse Network 2021-22:

Zelda Lyseng Storvik (NO), Leon Börgens (DE), Tamar Ohana Goksøyr (NO), Mari Stoknes (NO), Hrista Panayotova (BUL), Linh Le (DK), Polina Shubina (RUS), Wout Deneyer (BEL), Maria Lothe (NO), Siânna Bruce (SE/GB), Freja Kreutzfeldt (DK), Anna Stickler (SE), Giorgia Reitani (IT/DK), Amund Bentsen (DK), Abigael Winsvold (NO), Heidi Miikki (FIN), Emma Langmoen (NO), Frøydis Dahlø (NO),

KIME 2020-21:

Emma Langmoen (NO), Amund Bentsen (DK), Abigael Winsvold (NO), Ida Langkilde (DK), William Yazaki (DK), Marika Schultze (SE/NO), Annabel Reid (BE)

Into the Water 2018-2019:

Ida Langkilde (DK), Villads Bugge Bang(DK), William Yazaki (NO), Lasse Munk (DK), Emma Langmoen (NO), Abigael Winsvold (NO), Nathan Biggs Penton (CAN/US), Victoria Gulliksen (NO) 


Former Corecrew members:

Frøydis Dahlø (NO), Zelda Lyseng-Storvik (NO), Ida Langkilde (DK), Villads Bugge Bang(DK), William Yazaki (NO), Nathan Biggs Penton (CAN/US), Victoria Gulliksen (NO),

Acting for Climate outstretching Network




Baltic Nordic Circus Network



Our network of collaborators is growing, and we are not able to present everyone here. Please contact us if you are interested in more information on Acting for Climate and all people involved in the movement, or if you would like to get involved. 

Acting for Climate works as an umbrella organisation with the goal of involving everybody interested in arts and environmentalism to create a global network working towards a common goal.



Facebook: @actingforclimate

Instagram: @actingforclimate

Phone:  +45 50 17 96 14‬

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Photo: Ghia Fieandt

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