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Circus for Climate

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Supported by EEA grants

A collaboration between Riga Circus and Acting for Climate

Film by Uvis Leskavnieks

The main goal of the project is to explore the collective empowerment that

multidisciplinary approach to education, art and activism can provide. The aim is to

create a space for youngsters, artists and environmental specialists to meet and to work together across different regions of Latvia around the topic of art activism for

environmental sustainability.

We aim to create high quality art inspired by youth and for youth.

We want to empower young people to involve them in artistic activism and climate change activism. We wish to create a better understanding about a sustainable future through artistic practice; We plan to improve accessibility to contemporary arts in the rural areas and regions of Latvia The project is running from the 1st of March 2022 until the 31st of July 2023.

Emma Langmoen in trapeze  on the ship Hawila 2019

What will happen

Acting for Climate will share thoughts and ideas with young people, coming from all over Latvia, focusing on how it is possible to deal creatively with climate change and with activism. Performing arts meets visual arts, coordinated by Riga Circus, with the goal of empowering the youngsters and with the aim of allowing them to find the best creative way to express their point of view towards the climate change crisis.

Ingrīda Pičukāne_drawing_foto by Kate Pāvula .jpg

Ingrīda Pičukāne drawing

foto by Kate Pāvula

The youth will explore a wide range of topics around environmental issues, such as climate psychology, the anthropocentric worldview, norm critics, oppression theory, quantum social change, utopias, artivism, environmental ethics and much more, and how to embody these and integrate them in art. Together, youngsters will be brought to develop artistic skills, while integrating these topics, by working with a wide range of artistic practices, such as: Group acrobatics, mask theatre, theatre techniques, dance, site specific performance in nature.

Pictures by Lauris Viksne

Rīgas cirks building foto by Kristīne Madjare .jpg

Who is in the project

The project is a collaboration between ACTING FOR CLIMATE and RIGA CIRCUS. The implementation of the project will focus on artistic laboratories led by contemporary circus artist Emma S. Langmoen (NO)  and the dance artist Amund Lindvang Bentsen (DK). Also participating is Abigael Winsvold(NO), Michele De Riu(IT), and Froydis Dahlø(NO) . This collaboration is a multidisciplinary approach to the concept of creation and it will also involve the comic book artists Ingrīda Pičukāne and Vivianna Maria Stanislavska who will use different comic book creation methods to enrich youngsters' knowledge of how storyboards and scenarios are created.

Rīgas cirks is a multifunctional art centre which aims not only at offering important and topical circus performances to an ever-expanding public, but also promotes the development and visibility of the circus industry in the Latvian society in the long term. They conceived the project CIRCUS FOR CLIMATE to inspire and empower the youngests and empower the youngesters, in whose hands and dreams the future  lies.

More information on Riga Circus website


Picture by Lauris Viksne



DANDELION or how to grow through concrete and co-shape the world.

“I’m afraid that we won’t make it”, they said, straight to our face.

Dandelion is a contemporary circus performance about the crossroad we are facing. In a world in climate and biodiversity crisis, what pathway do we take? What will our future be? And if you could decide: What does the future look like?

Exploring different realities through spectacular acrobatics, dance, music and the voices of Latvian youth, Dandelion creates stunning and unexpected imagery of what the world could become.

Taking inspiration from a dandelion, which can survive and spread its seeds despite harsh conditions, humanity has a chance to survive when we start collaborating, supporting and creating together.

The performance is aimed at young audiences and to spread inspiration on how our actions matter.

Dandelion is a collaboration between Riga Circus and Acting for Climate. The performance builds on a series of workshops with Latvian youth and what they think about the climate crisis.

Directed by Emma Langmoen and Amund Lindvang Bentsen and co-created with Alise Bokaldere, Aleksejs Smolovs, Maija Sukute, Michele Di Riu and Abigael Winsvold with music by Kaspars Kurdeko.

Set design: Kristīne Abika.

Lights: Jūlija Bondarenko

Costume design: Aurēlija Rancāne.

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