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C u r r e n t s

The worldwide sailing tour
2024 - 2027

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With a main team of 4 travelling artists onboard of our sailing vessel, we stop in harbours around the world where we team up with local artists, environmentalists, activists and scientists.

In this group, we share artistic methods and techniques, explore future sustainable pathways for the territories we are in and those we come from, and create a performance that shakes the souls and drives the audience to action.

The performance is site specific and can be played at different interesting venues, such as a local special landmark, in the outskirts of a forest, a ruin, on the pier, a community square, a local circus place, a theater entry or a local tallship.


May-Nov: Mediterranean, North African Tour and Atlantic Crossing

Barcelona, Mallorca, Corsica, Sicily, Greece, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Canary Islands.


Jan-Dec: Caribbeans, Pacific Crossing and South East Asia


Indian, East and South African Tour


Jan-Aug: West Africa, Europe from South to North


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