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Performing arts for a sustainable future

Acting for Climate is a performing arts company, whose goal is to inspire people to act for a more sustainable future. With a core crew of artists and a broad network of artists and collaborators across several continents, we fuel our work with a wish to change the world. 


In summer 2022, we toured RIPPLES all over the Baltic Sea, and in summer 2023 we brought BARK back to the European woods in Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Denmark and Norway. We are setting sails again in May 2024 with our worldwide sailing performance CURRENTS.

Our tree-dreaming performance Alive will premiere in 2026 in Denmark.

We have also continued our co-productions in 2022-2023 with Circus for Climate, Riga Cirks in Latvia, and Redout Skalka in the region of Jelsava in Slovakia in collaboration with YMCA Revúca, Banská Bystrica Region Youth Council and Krompacik.

We have been invited to be artists in residency at Lund in Sweden - in collaboration with Cirkus Syd - in the cold months of 2024. 


We are continuously creating and broadening our artistic network, and we just finished our first part of the Greenhouse Network project.

Acting for Climate Montréal is currently touring Branché in North America.

We give workshops for both artists and businesses.

Check our Facebook and Instagram to see our newest adventures! 

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