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Into the Water

Acting for Climate at the sailship Hawila, performing Into the Water

A celebration, a routine, a crash and finally cooperation. What is at the core of sustainable living? Acting for Climate performs Into the Water on the deck of the beautiful wooden sailship Hawila, sailing from port to port to inspire people across national borders.

Into the water

”Into the Water" is a sailing performance and mini-festival that can travel the world to inspire people, artists, and activists, through contemporary circus, physical theatre and workshops. The performance aims to create a wave of inspiration and action for a more sustainable future, through the themes of climate psychology, cycles and water.

Our stage and home is Hawila, a two masted wooden sailing ship. The use of the ship as our stage forces us to re-think and develop our disciplines, and challenge the idea of what circus is and can be today. Water is a link between people, nature and land – and is linking us throughout our performance. We have water and cycles as a theme to bring forward not the individual issues of climate change but more to think about and be able to talk about the global issues in how society thinks and functions on this planet.

 Tour 2019: 
30th June, Copenhagen (DK), Premiere

4th-5th July,  Aalborg (DK), Tall Ship Races 

12th-14th July, Fredrikstad (NO), Tall Ship Races 

19th-21st July, Oslo (NO)

26th-28th July, Melsomvik (NO)

8th-11th August, Rostock (DE)

16th-18th August, Copenhagen (DK)

Acting for Climate everyday.jpg

Photos: Hawila project & Acting for Climate


The Hawila Project


"Into the Water" is a close collaboratoin with Hawila Project, a non-profit organisation. Since 1935 Hawila has worked as an ice-freighter and a training vessel around the Göteborg Peninsula. Now the crew are working towards honoring its legacy by developing a network of trade, education and cultural exchange. Through community led self organised festivals and events led by volunteers the organisation restored Hawila to sailing condition in 2017.

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