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The Greenhouse Network

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The Greenhouse Network is a international community of artist initiated and led by Acting for Climate.


The goal is to dive deeper into the work and study of artistic research and environmental issues, and to function as a capacity building project for the participants, both as artists and climate artists.


For the first year of the Greenhouse (2021-22) we have gathered 15 artist from Northern Europe. We are working together, exploring and sharing through a series of eight workshops ranging from 3-14 days.


In the workshops we explore a wide range of topics around environmental issues, such as climate psychology, the anthropocentric worldview, norm critics, oppression theory, quantum social change, utopias, artivism, environmental ethics and much more, and how to embody these and integrate them in our art.

We will develop our artistic skills, while integrating these topics, by working with a wide range of artistic practices, such as: Group acrobatics, mask theatre, theatre technic, dance, site specific performance in nature.


Acting for Climate is sharing its own methods, developed over several years, in how to combine performing arts with environmentalism. The 15 artists are sharing their practice and knowledge, and we are bringing in workshop-holders specialised in the topics that we are engaging in.

We hope that the project will breathe life into new projects, collaborations and dreams, and are excited to see where this one-year pilot project will take us. 


The project is funded by the Nordic Culture Funds Short-Term Network Funding. The project management and production of the project has been led Frøydis Dahlø. 

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