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Acting for Climate has been facilitating workshops since 2015, and the workshops has played a crucial role in creating and forming the company and its practices.


The foundation of the workshops rest in an exploration of our relationship to nature. From the separating facts of climate change and biodiversity loss, to the opening up of our senses to an alive world around us. There is so much to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste. There is so much out there to familiarize with again. 

There is questions about the future of humankind that needs to be addressed, there is distress.

In the workshop we dive into these questions from another perspective, a perspective we have been pursuing all of our lives, the artistic perspective.

As circus artists, dancers and performers, we want to invite in all the creativity we can find in solving and thinking about climate and nature.

The workshops is the place where we share this knowledge, and at the same time build a community around our ideas and practices. The community aspect is an important part of our company, and the workshops we have facilitated through the years has helped us find each other across borders, creating a network of people thinking in these patterns, and fundamentally building the company and the values that we are based on.

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